Planning Your Week

Weekly Exercise Tracker

This exercise tracker was designed to help you safely and confidently progress your exercise routine. Monitor your heart rate, oxygen saturation, exertion, and shortness of breath during or directly after exercising, while you are still breathing hard. 
Here are some general guidelines.  
  • if your oxygen saturation falls below 90, pause your exercise and do pursed lip breathing to increase your saturation
  • Aim to increase your heart rate as much as you can, but no higher than 200 minus your current age. For example, if you are 72 years old, attempt to raise your heart rate to no higher than 128 BPM.
Remember that these guidelines are intended to be used as suggested ranges. Please consult with your doctor as they may have other recommendations based on your personal health history.
Exercises should be challenging, but not overly demanding. You should aim for Moderate to Hard exertion and shortness of breath. You’ll sometimes hear this referred to as the “Just Right” zone. Hitting the Just Right zone is a good sign that you can progress your routine next week. If you are exerting yourself beyond the Just Right zone, adjust your routine to something more manageable.  
Your safety comes first! Review your weekly tracker with your health coach and, when in doubt, check in with your doctor to make sure your exercise routine is right for you.

Wellinks Program Planner

Welcome to Wellinks!

The importance of exercise cannot be emphasized enough. Progressing your exercise routine each week is vital in managing your COPD. We have developed this exercise program planner as a tool to help you map your progression throughout this 12-week program.

Program planners will look different for each member based on your lifestyle and access to equipment, and we’ve included examples of these differences below. Regardless of these differences, exercise routines should increment each week following FITT (Frequency, Intensity, Time, and Type) principles.
Our Wellinks Care Team will set up an appointment with you soon to help you identify where to start and how to progress. Use this program planner as a guide for what exercises to do. Use the weekly tracker (next page) to reflect on how your exercise is going. Be sure to consult with our Wellinks Care Team and adapt the plan as needed.

You know your body best. Be proud for showing up and engaging in your health!

Print the Wellinks Program Planner here

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